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Bajirao Mastani Movie 1st Day Box Office Collections List

Hello friends here is the best ever review of the bajirao mastani movie and check out the bajirao mastani collections now which is updates for every hourly ..

bajirao mastani box office collections
bajirao mastani box office collections

Bajirao Mastani Collections

Bajirao Mastani box office collections: better screen count: Another factor that would have benefitted Bajirao Mastani would be the number of screens the makers would eventually be able to acquire. Let's take for example: A total of 9000 screens across India, from which after deducting those that will be serving regional releases we are left will approximately 6500 screens, from these, Dilwale would obviously retain approx. 4000 screens (a comparatively lower number when compared to SRK's earlier release Happy New Year that was released across 5000+ screens) leaving the remaining 2500 screens for Bajirao Mastani .

Bajirao Mastani  1st Day Box Office Collections

Bajirao Mastani box office collections - Territorial related content: Territorial related content: Last, but, by far not the least, is the film's content. When today, we see films with good content working at the box office and those with a lack of the same being criticised, Bajirao Mastani, that more or less deals with the life of a Maratha warrior seems restricted as compared to Dilwale that caters to a wider audience base. In fact, while Bajirao Mastani will, in most likelihood, appeal to those residing in or belonging to a specific territorial zone, Dilwale that isn't based on any one community or individual, will enjoy a wider target audience base. In this case, releasing Bajirao Mastani 1st day collections week later would have ensured that despite the rather focused content, the film is bound to fare better as compared to SWTFA that enjoys an even smaller core target audience


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